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Failed Attempt

January 29, 2011


Well, we tried.

Sam from Pure Gold Pet Trackers came out yesterday afternoon and we set up the trap just before sunset. Elsie made a few visits to the area, but unfortunately, the neighbors were feeling…festive. One neighbor was having a Teenaged Romance Gone Wrong fight on the phone in the front yard. It took Sam a while to figure out that there was a phone involved and he wasn’t just having an interpretive dance interlude on the lawn, which is what it looked like. Also, the street becomes a parking area for a very large apartment building which seems to host some rather large parties full of voluble guests on weekends. Elsie wanted to check out the trap more closely, but every time she got up into the yard, someone from the Goon Party would scare her off.

So, the plan: we have left the trap up but deactivated for the weekend. We will leave her meals in there. (She didn’t eat her dinner last night.) We might do some car surveillance this evening, but Sam is coming back Sunday night. Hopefully, the partiers will be at their respective homes, tormenting their own pets or dashing the dreams of their own neighbors.

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