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Dog acquired! Dog lost!

July 17, 2010

On Saturday, July 17, we adopted Rosie from K-9 Lifesavers, a DC-area rescue group. We’d been waiting to meet her for weeks. She was in a rural shelter in Tennessee and K-9 was bringing her up to DC. She escaped from the kennel in Tennessee, and it took them two weeks to catch her. Foreboding, that.

But when we saw her, we knew she was going to be our dog. She is just adorable. Look at her! LOOK AT HER.

She climbed onto Colin’s lap and stayed there while I shopped for the necessaries. I got her the fancy-fancy collar recommended by the rescue people and the pet supply store owner. Food, bed, chew toy, treats, little name tag, etc., etc. We drove her home thrilled to finally have a dog after months of waiting and looking.

We took her on a stroll around the yard to have a sniff of everything and take a restroom break before we went inside.  She reared up on the steps and…somehow, bucked her head around and got right out of the collar.  Not at the time knowing that this was a Bad Plan, Colin lit out after her and she headed for the corner of the yard….slipped through the fence….and here we are.

We’re just shattered; but the second she crawled up into Colin’s lap, she became Our Dog.  And we will move the Earth if that is what it takes to find Our Dog….maybe you can help us.

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